Estonian Photo Gallery - Weeks 16~18

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1 - Soviet Atomic Joe statue
at Sillamäe
2 - Sillamäe's grand staircase leading
past neo-Classical buildings to Baltic
3 - Promenade of Stalinist buildings
 leading down to Baltic sea-front
4 - Sillamäe's former uranium processing
   plant viewed from Baltic beach

5 - Car entering Estonian border-
crossing control complex at Narva
6 - Enclosed bridge between Estonian
and Russian border controls at Narva
7 - Ivangorod Fortress on Narva
 River opposite Narva Castle
8 - Russian Orthodox Cathedral of
Resurrection in back streets of Narva

9 - Two opposing castles facing
   one another across Narva River
10 - Sealed Bridge linking
Estonian~Russian border-controls
11 - Pedestrians crossing sealed
12 - Vana Olgina Mõis-Camping
 near Narva

13 - Memorial to German/Estonian
 dead in 1944 battles at Sinimäe Hills
14 - Underground workings at Kohtla-
Järve Oil-Shale Mining Museum
15 - Shale-oil extraction plant
   and refineries at Kohtla-Järve
16 - Restored remains of 13th century
 Rakvere Castle atop Vallimägi hill

17 - Attractive town houses and Holy
Trinity Church in Pikk Street, Rakvere
18 - Erratic boulder in shallows of Eru
 Lahti Bay in Lahemaa National Park
19 - May Lily berries growing
in Lahemaa spruce forests
20 - 7m high Majakivi, the largest of
     Lahemaa's erratic boulders

21 - Lahemaa Kohvikann
  Resturant-Camping at Palmse
22 - Vana-Jüri kivid erratic boulders
 scattered in shallows of Käsmu Bay
23 - Pine and spruce woodland of
  Käsmu Peninsula Stone-plantation
24 - Soviet Л-Class 2-10-0 heavy freight locomotive preserved at Tapa

25 - Piibelehe Camping at Kuressaare
 on Saaremaa
26 - Kuressaare's preserved
limestone 12 arched Old Bridge
27 - Kaali meteorite impact crater 28 - Medieval crucifixion carving over
     south portal at Karja Church

29 - Saaremaa post-mills at Angla 30 - Westerly sun and dramatic
 cloud-scape at Panga Pank
31 - Setting sun over Saaremaa's
    western coast
32 - Leaving Saaremaa from Triigi for
 ferry crossing to Sõru on Hiiumaa

33 - Approaching the ferry mooring at
Sõru on southern coast of Hiiumaa
34 - Isolated sand-spit at Hiiumaa's
   extreme westerly point
35 - Declining sun trailing golden tail
   across Baltic sea at Kalana
36 - Kalana Camping overlooking Baltic
 at western tip of Hiiumaa

37 - Bearberry (Arctostaphylos
) growing at Kalana
38 - Memorial to sinking of Estonia
   off Hiiumaa north coast in 1994
39 - Gentle Baltic surf lapping
  North Hiiumaa shoreline
40 - Camp at Orjaka Marina looking
 out over yachts to western sun

41 - Monochrome declining sun and
   clouds over camp at Orjaka Marina
42 - Ex-Soviet steam locomotive
  at Haapsalu Railway Museum
43 - Moss-covered limestone
  escarpment face at Salevere
44 - Westward late afternoon sky over
 Matsalu Bay from Puise Nina Camping

45 - Wet day at Tallinn Song Festival
Arena with statue of Gustav Ernesaks
46 - Tallinn Skyline and docked
 ferries viewed from Pirita Harbour
47 - City trams passing against
 back drop of Tallinn Old Town
48 - Entering Tallinn Old Town
  through medieval Viru Gateway

49 - Tourist hordes in Tallinn's
 Raekoja plats (Town Hall Square)
50 - Gothic Church of the Holy Ghost
 in Tallinn's Old Town
51 - Art nouveau buildings
    along Pikk tänav
52 - Toompea Hill and spires of Tallinn's
    Old Town from St Olav's Church

53 - Afternoon sun shining along Kooli
 inside preserved medieval city wall
56 - City walls and towers with St
 Olav's Church from Tornide väljak
55 - Iconostasis with central pulpit
 at Orthodox Church of Resurrection
56 - Sunset lighting Tallinn city skyline
   viewed from Pirita Harbour

57 - Toompea Castle now home to
   Estonian Parliament, the Riigikogu
58 - Estonian flag flying over Pikk
 Hermann Tower on Toompea Castle
59 - Toompea fortifications with
 Maiden Tower and Kiek in de Kök
60 - Plenary Chamber of Estonian
    Parliament, the Riigikogu

61 - Russian Orthodox Alexander
 Nevsky Cathedral on Toompea Hill
62 - Iconostasis in Alexander Nevsky
    Russian Orthodox Cathedral
63 - St Mary's Lutheran Cathedral
  on Toompea Hill
64 - View from Toompea over Old Town
    towards medieval city walls

65 - Eastward view from Toompea
   towards St Olavs Church and port
66 - Browsing cheese stalls at
 Tallinn's Balti Jaama Market
67 - Hanseatic merchants' houses
   and St Olav's Church in Lai
68 - Waiting at Tallinn Harbour to
    board Silja-Tallink ferry to Helsinki
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