Danish Photo Gallery 2019 - Weeks 4~6

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1 - Crossing Lille Bælt Bridge to
  to Denmark's central island of Funen
2 - Breezy afternoon sun at Dovns
Klint, southernmost tip of Langeland
3 - China-blue Chicory flowers
  growing on Dovns Klint cliff-tops
4 - Cliff-top path from Dovns Klint
  to higher headland of Gulstav Klint

5 - Wind-contorted trees
 on Dovns Klint exposed coast-line
6 - An exposed wild camp spot
 at Dovns Klint Head
7 - Rocky shore-line at Østre
 Gulstav woods east of Dovns Klint
8 - Fishing boats lining the quays
 at Bagenkøp harbour

9 - Bridge linking Langeland to Tåsinge
  viewed from Rudkøbing harbour
10 - Conserved remains of Ladby Viking
 ship-burial in underground chamber
11 - Lines of iron nails along rotted
timber planking, and iron shroud rings
12 - Skeletal remains of horses and
dogs, and ship's anchor and chain

13 - Burial-ship's notional prow with replica dragon figurehead iron mane curls 14 - Ladby Dragon reconstruction of
 Ladby ship-burial Viking long-ship
15 - Reconstruction provides visual
 comparison with original Viking ship
16 - Reconstruction display of ship-
burial at the time of entombment

17 - Panel from Ladby Tapestry showing
 Viking chieftain's death in battle
18 - Ladby Tapestry panel showing
      Viking chieftain's ship-burial
19 - Exposed gravel spit
 connecting to Fyns Hoved Head
20 - Cliff-top path around Fyns Hoved
  Head at north-west tip of Funen

21 - Fællesstrand Lagoon enclosed
    by Tornen sandspit
22 - Tornen sandspit with surf of open
 sea on exposed outer Kattegat side
23 - Fyn Hoved wild camp
  on exposed hill-top of Jøved
24 - Rødkærgård Farm B&B stellplads
 on north shore of Kerteminde Fjord

25 - Motorway slope rising to Store Bælt
1.6kms long eastern suspension bridge
26 - Crossing Store Bælt eastern
suspension bridge under 254m pylons
27 - Westward view across Store
 Bælt Bridge from Sjælland shore
28 - Eastern suspension bridge's
 graceful sweep spanning Store Bælt

29 - View under motorway canopy
  looking out to Store Bælt Bridge
30 - A container-ship passes south along channel under Store Bælt Bridge 31 - Kestrel hovering for prey over
 Store Bælt shore-side scrubland
32 - Container-ship passing north
     under Store Bælt Bridge

33 - Reconstructed Viking longhouse
  at Trelleborg ring-fort
34 - Trelleborg ring-fort earth ramparts
 with outlines of longhouse-barracks
35 - Stone-lined gateway into
  Trelleborg Viking ring-fort
36 - Peaceful setting of Debbie's
 B&B-Farm camping

37 - Vor Frue (Our Lady) red brick
  13th century church at Kalundborg
38 - Duke of Argyll's Teaplant (Lycium
) growing on Røsnæs cliffs
39 - Havnsø harbour stellplads
    in pouring rain
40 - Contorted Pines in Tisvilde Hegn
Troldeskoven forests, North Sjælland

41 - Tisvilde Hegn beaches on Kattegat
 coast-line with invasive Rugosa roses
42 - Gilleleje fishing harbour on
    North Sjælland Kattegat coast
43 - Charactersome environment
  of Lynæs marina stellplads
44 - Conserved Viking long-ship
 at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

45 - Reproduction Viking ship under
     construction at Roskilde boatyard
46 - Reconstructed Viking boats
    moored at Roskilde harbour
47 - Viking boats against backdrop
   of Roskilde Cathedral
48 - Sepulchres of Danish Renaissance
     monarchs in Roskilde Cathedral

49 - Harbour-side camp
   at Rødvig fishing harbour
50 - Morning sun shining over marina
   at Rødvig fishing harbour
51 - Højerup Church cliff-top terrace
 with views along Stevns Klint cliffs
52 - View northwards from Højerup
  Church along Stevns Klint cliff-line

53 - View along Stevns Klint
  from partway down cliff steps
54 - Stevns Klint with upper limestone
  and chalk layer below overhang
55 - Dark clay boundary layer
 below limestone overhang
56 - Højerup Old Church perched
above debris of 1928 cliff collapse

57 - Medieval fresco of Nativity scene
   in Elmelunde Church, Møn
58 - Adoration of Magi medieval
 fresco in Keldby Church, Møn
59 - Adoration of Magi medieval
  fresco in Fanefjord Church, Møn
60 - 746m long Møn Bridge viewed
  from Kalvehave Marina Stellplads

61 - Shingle beach at foot of 120m
     high chalk cliff-face at Møns Klint
62 - Møns Klint chalk cliff viewed from
 highpoint of Forchhammers Point
63 - Marina-Stellplads at Hesnæs
  fishing harbour on eastern Falster
64 - Reed-clad, thatched Hesnæs
, originally social housing

65 - Gedser Odde at tip of Falster,
 Denmark's southernmost point
66 - Falster sugar beet
   growing at Gedser Odde
67 - Sunny morning overlooking
  harbour at Tårs Havn Stellplads
68 - Dawn over inlet of Nakskov Fjord
  at Tårs Havn Stellplads

69 - Tårs Havn fishing harbour
   on west coast of Lolland
70 - Tårs Havn fishing harbour with
   Langelands ferry on horizon
71 - Albuen Strand sand-spit with
 Langeland coast on distant horizon
72 - Sunset over Tårs Havn fishing
 harbour on our final night in Denmark
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