Faroe Islands Photo Gallery

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1 - Curving wall and towers
  of the M÷hne Dam
2 - Wall of the Eder Dam and
  steep-sided Eder valley
3 - Fishing boats drawn up
   on beach at N°rre Vorup°r
4 - Leaving Hirtshals on M/S Norr÷na for crossing to Faroe Islands

5 - Dawn over southern Faroes as
M/S Norr÷na approaches Tˇrshavn
6 - Shore-side Tˇrshavn Camping
looking out across Nˇlsoy Sound
7 - Tˇrshavn Camping in
remarkably un-Faroese weather
8 - Tˇrshavn waterfront with
   the town rising uphill beyond

9 - Norr÷na ferry towering over Tˇrshavn marina 10 - Tˇrshavn's tiny cathedral
 of Havner Kirkja
11 - Headland of Tingranes
  projecting into Tˇrshavn bay
12 - Faroese Prime Minister's Offices
in former warehouses on Tingranes

13 - Panoramic view over Tˇrshavn
 and its harbour from Kongaminni
14 - The L°gting (Faroese Parliament) in session 15 - An impassioned debate in the
 Faroese Parliament (L°gting)
16 - Roykstovan farmstead and St
Magnus Cathedral ruins at Kirkjub°ur

17 - Medieval church of St Olaf
 against misty backdrop of Hestur
18 - Path across fell-land slopes
  above Leitisvatn in wet weather
19 - Whimbrel on fell-side
    above Leitisvatn
20 - Leitisvatn lake spilling over into
 North Atlantic at B°sdalafosssar

21 - 142m precipice of TrŠlanipa
 cliffs above stormy North Atlantic
22 - Isolated village of B°ur
     clustered around its church
23 - KvÝvik church, a port-village
dating back to the Viking settlement
24 - Remains of 10/11th century
 Viking farmstead at KvÝvik harbour

25 - 1829 wooden church at HvalvÝk
 set among the village's cottages
26 - Fossß waterfall cascading over
 'layer-cake' basalt escarpments
27 - Octagonal church at HaldorsvÝk
 against backdrop of fishing port
28 - Tj°rnavÝk village nestled into
 confines of glacial valley mouth

29 - Esturoy's northern tip cliffs
with Risin and Kellingin sea stacks
30 - Ei­i Camping on the village's
    astro-turf former football pitch
31 - Cliffs of Northern Eysturoy and
  sea-stacks of Risin and Kellingin
32 - Fishing port of Fuglafj°r­ur in
sheltered confines of Pollurin bay

33 - Excavated remains of 10th
 century Viking farmstead at LeirvÝk
34 - Gjˇgv Camping looking
     across to the gorge-cleft
35 - Dawn over Dj˙pini Sound and
island of Kalsoy from Gjˇgv Camping
36 - Gjˇgv and deep gorge-cleft
forming the hamlet's harbour

37 - Industrial fishing port of KlaksvÝk,
 set on an isthmus between 2 fjords
38 - Vi­arei­i village against
 backdrop of Bar­oy coastline
39 - Vi­arei­i Tunnel in a classic
 Faroese enclosed glacial valley
40 - Abandoned village of M˙li on NE
 Bar­oy, with turf cut for roofing

41 - Camping by the harbour side
  at the fishing port of Fuglafj°r­ur
42 - Turf-roofed wooden church
   at Kollafj°r­ur
43 - Turf-roofed wooden church
   at Kaldbaksfj°r­ur
44 - Wooden pew end with
engraving of St John the Evangelist

45 - Wooden bishop's throne
 with engraving of St Olav
46 - Waiting to board
M/S Norr÷na at Tˇrshavn docks
47 - Departing the Faroes
 on passage to Iceland
48 - Farewell to Faroes as Norr÷na
rounds cliffs of northern Streymoy
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