Iceland Photo Gallery - Weeks 2~3

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1 - Smyril Line ferry M/S Norröna
 moored at Seyðisfjörður port
2 - Seyðisfjörður Camping
 overlooking the village
3 - Ferry M/S Norröna dominating
 the fishing port at Seyðisfjörður
4 - Seyðisfjörður Camping surrounded
 by snow-covered mountains

5 - Breakfast on a sunny Spring
 morning at Seyðisfjörður Camping
6 - Spring sun shining through
  birches on Seyðisfjörður church
7 - Seyðisfjörður port nestled
 into the head of its fjord
8 - Bearberry flowers
   (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

9 - Forest walk above Hafursá gorge
 and Largarfljót Lake
10 - Ljósárfoss waterfalls
 in Hallormsstaður National Forest
11 - A day in camp at
 Fljótsdalsgrund Farm Camping
12 - Washing up on a sunny morning
at Fljótsdalsgrund Farm Camping

13 - Ravines and waterfalls on
 lower slopes below Hengifoss
14 - Basalt columns framing the
  canyon of Litlanesfoss waterfalls
15 - Upper valley with backdrop of
basalt cliffs and Hengifoss waterfalls
16 - Hengifoss and basalt cliffs with
 further progress barred by torrent

17 - Iron-rich scoria inter-basaltic
strata on cliffs backing Hengifoss
18 - Fljótsdalur valley and Largarfljót
 lake from the Hengifoss path
19 - Wild reindeer grazing
 in Fljótsdalur valley
20 - Rapids on lower Largarfljót river

21 - Glorious mountain setting of
   Borgarfjörður Eystri Camping
22 - Ringed Plover
 on Borgarfjörður sea-shore
23 - Matted Cassiope
(Cassiope hypnoides)
24 - Kittiwakes nesting on cliff face
 of Hafnorhólmi islet

25 - Atlantic Puffin on Hafnorhólmi
at Borgarfjörður Höfn
26 - Jökulsá á Brú river gorge
 spanned by the Ring Road bridge
27 - Torrent plunging in waterfalls
  over valley side-wall in Jökuldalur
28 - A bleak, chill and murky morning
at Fjalladýrð Camping in Möðrudalur

29 - Improved weather and dramatic
 highland landscape at Möðrudalur
30 - Snow-covered volcanic peak
 of Herðubreið from Möðrudalur
31 - Sunset silhouetting
 volcanic peaks at Möðrudalur
32 - Vopnafjörður fishing port backed
by snow-covered Smjörfjöll across fjord

33 - Memorial at Vopnafjörður
 commemorating sailors lost at sea
34 - Fishing boats moored
at Vopnafjörður harbour
35 - Vopnafjörður Rescue boat
  moored at harbour quay
36 - Mountainous backdrop of
 Vopnafjörður fishing harbour
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