Iceland Photo Gallery - Weeks 4~5

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1 - Þórshöfn fishing port spread
 along shore of Þistilfjörður
2 - Þórshöfn fishing harbour against
 backdrop of village and church
3 - Þórshöfn Camping exposed
to full force of easterly wind
4 - Arctic Tern at Sauðanes
 on Langanes peninsula

5 - Basalt formations projecting
from cliffs on Rauðanes peninsula
6 - Ptarmigan
  on Rauðanes moorland
7 - Red Throated Divers swimming
 on an Oxarfjörður lake
8 - Velvet Scoters
   by Oxarfjörður stream

9 - Kópasker Camping
  in bitterly cold weather
10 - Bridge over Jökulsá á Fjöllum
 glacial river at Oxarfjörður sandur
11 - Alpine Bartsia
(Bartsia alpina)
12 - Common Butterwort
(Pinguicula vulgaris

13 - Bilberry flowers
Vaccinium myrtillus)
14 - Eroded basalt cliff-walls of
 Jökulsá á Fjöllum river canyon
15 - Eroded basalt wall and stacks
 in Jökulsá á Fjöllum canyon
16 - Karl og Kerling basalt stacks
  and Tröllahellir cave

17 - Basalt stack of Tröllið at
 southern end of Hljóðaklettur
18 - Line of eroded basalt ramparts
 with skirt of scree debris
19 - Basalt architecture of arching
 columns and polygonal end-faces
20 - Path over shattered basalt
 across the end face of Tröllið

21 - Hljóðaklettur basalt cliff
above Jökulsá á Fjöllum canyon
22 - Northern end of
Jökulsá á Fjöllum canyon cliffs
23 - Kirkjan lava-tube cave with its
 arched columnar basalt entrance
24 - Kirkjan lava-tube cave with
 arched columnar basalt entrance

25 - Natural vaulted architecture
 of Kirkjan lava-tube cave
26 - Black nodular pumice caves
 formed from viscous flowing lava
27 - Basalt column faced buttress
 at Hljóðaklettur
28 - Southern face of Tröllið
 monolith with columnar basalt

29 - Botnstjörn lake in Ásbyrgi's horseshoe-shaped canyon head 30 - Mr and Mrs Wigeon at
Botnstjörn in Ásbyrgi canyon head
31 - Ásbyrgi valley and volcanic
peaks skyline from Eyjan's flat top
32 - Ásbyrgi horseshoe canyon floor
 spread out below Eyjan's apex tip

33 - Westward view from Eyjan's
rim over Ásbyrgi's Vesterbyrgi valley
34 - Húsavík harbour and snow-
covered mountains lining Skjálfandi
35 - Boarding the whale-watching
 boat Salka in Húsavík harbour
36 - Humpback Whale breaking the
surface and diving in Skjálfandi bay

37 - Scanning the waters of
Skjálfandi bay for breaching whales
38 - Humpback Whale breaking the
 surface and diving in Skjálfandi bay
39 - Humpback Whale flipping
up its fluke as it dives
40 - Humpback Whale blowing
through its twin blow-holes

41 - Húsavík harbour in
    late afternoon sunlight
42 - Skeleton of Blue Whale
displayed at Húsavík Whale Museum
43 - Hveravellir geothermal mini-
geyser and greenhouses it heats
44 - Classic panorama of Mývatn
 spread out across valley floor

45 - Ring Road crossing Jökulsá á
Fjöllum in Austurfjöll lava desert
46 - Peaceful camp in
the highlands at Möðrudalur
47 - Distant snow-covered
   volcanic peak of Heiðubreið
48 - Basalt-lined Jökulsá á Fjöllum
 canyon downstream from Dettifoss

49 - Dettifoss waterfalls and
50 - Dettifoss waterfalls 100m high
    and 445m wide
51 - Brink of Dettifoss waterfalls 52 - Silt-laden waters of Jökulsá á
Fjöllum glacial river above Dettifoss

53 - Matted Cassiope
(Cassiope hypnoides)
54 - Jökulsá á Fjöllum gorge
below Selfoss waterfalls
55 - Selfoss waterfalls
   filling the air with spray
56 - Route 864 rutted, pot-holed dirt
 road from Dettifoss to Ring Road
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