Iceland Photo Gallery - Weeks 11~12

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1 - Reconstruction of Eiríksstađir,
  Eirík the Red's farmstead
2 - Deildartunguhver geothermal
  source and pipeline to Akranes
3 - Hraunfossar cascading from
  under lava field into Hvítá River
4 - Hraunfossar cascading from
  under Hallmundarhraun lava field

5 - Barnafoss Falls cut through
winding lava canyon by Hvítá River
6 - Barnafoss in lava canyon cut
  by Hvítá glacial river
7 - Hvítá River with Hraunfossar
   cascading from under lava field
8 - Pahoe-hoe lava-flow on
    Hallmundarhraun lava field

9 - Ropy textured Pahoe-hoe lava-
flow on Hallmundarhraun
10 - Hvítá river with Geitlandsrhaun
 lava field and Langjökull Glacier
11 - Wild camp in
    Upper Borgarfjörđur
12 - Blustery NE gale blowing
  at Snorrastađir Farm-Camping

13 - Sunset over silhouetted
Snćfellsnes peaks at Snorrastađir
14 - Eldborg Crater viewed across
    scrub-covered lava field
15 - Pahoe-hoe lava flow
on lava field below Eldborg Crater
16 - Climbing the slope of Eldborg
 Crater, above the lava field

17 - Eldborg Crater rim looking
 westwards towards Snćfellsnes
18 - Eldborg's Crater lava walls
 towards Snćfellsnes glacier
19 - Eldborg Crater rim
with its lava walls
20 - Eldborg subsidiary craters and
    surrounding lava field

21 - Eldborg Crater and subsidiary
crater, with foreground of A'a lava
22 - 2kms long escarpment of
 Gerđuberg Basalt Columns
23 - Basking Harbour Seals
    at Ytrí Tunga beach
24 - Basking Harbour Seal
    at Ytrí Tunga beach

25 - Harbour Seal swimming
    off Ytrí Tunga beach
26 - Snćfellsnes glacier-capped
  peak from Ytrí Tunga beach
27 - Dunlin pecking around
   shore-side rocks at Ytrí Tunga
28 - Glacier-capped Snćfellsnes
  peak above Búđahraun lava field

29 - Búđahraun lava field fissures
 against Snćfellsnes escarpment
30 - Autumn Gentians (Gentianella amarella) growing on Búđahraun 31 - Lava formations eroded by
 tidal action by Arnarstapi harbour
32 - Arnarstapi harbour with
lava block harbour walls

33 - Indentations eroded into
   basalt cliffs along coastal path
34 - Juvenile Kittiwakes on cliff-
ledge nest at Arnarstapi cliffs
35 - Cormorant perched on lava
rocks with typical wing-hanging pose
36 - Gatklettur natural rock-arch
eroded from Arnarstapi basalt cliffs

37 - Field Gentian (Gentianella
) on Arnarstapi cliff-top
38 - Outward curving basalt columns
 gracing line of Arnarstapi cliffs
39 - Sea Cave and vertical basalt
 columns below Hellnar coastal path
40 - Lava field on coastal path
    covered with Woolly Hair Moss

41 - Basalt lava formations along
   coast-line from Hellnar lava field
42 - Hellnar lava field overgrown
   with Woolly Hair Moss
43 - Bađstofuhellir sea-cave cut
 into base of basalt cliffs at Hellnar
44 - Sunny evening at
       Hellissandur Camping

45 - Path leading up to Rauđfeldsgjá
    fissure-gorge on Botnsfjall
46 - Tightly enclosed lower chasm
 of Rauđfeldsgjá fissure-gorge
47 - The narrow confined width
of Rauđfeldsgjá fissure-gorge
48 - Lóndrangar rock-pillars
      on SW Snćfellsnes coast

49 - Beruvíkurhraun lava field
    covered by Woolly Hair Moss
50 - Jagged lava outcrops leading
 down to Djúpalónssandur beach
51 - Lava formations at
      Djúpalónssandur beach
52 - Berudalur explosion crater
 backed by Snćfellsnes peak

53 - Sáxholl Crater rim
   with remains of its lava walls
54 - Grey basalt lava cliffs and
    golden sand at Skarđvík Beach
55 - Ödverđarnes Point, western-
most tip of Snćfellsnes peninsula
56 - Boats equipped with long-line
  fishing cable-drums at Hellissandur

57 - Berskjahraun lava field,
 covered with Woolly Hair Moss
58 - Arctic Poppies
growing on Berskjahraun lava field
59 - Stykkishólmur fishing harbour
 with off-shore island of Súgandisey
60 - Stykkishólmur and its harbour
from off-shore island of Súgandisey
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